European Blackjack Game Guide

Introduction To European Blackjack

The European blackjack game is the most popular and classy variant of blackjack. It is played at brick-and-mortar casinos as well as online. The game is all about the player against the dealer and the objective is to get a blackjack; a hand of 21, or a very close score to 21. Most of the game is spent by players following on the game rather than placing bets. Even though it’s not easy to beat the house, with a good European blackjack strategy anything is possible. And that is why we came up with this European blackjack tutorial to equip you with everything from strategies, rules, tips and relevant information to get you started.

How To Play European Blackjack

If you are new to the European blackjack game then don’t sweat it, you are at the right place. In this European blackjack tutorial, we provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to play the game, what rules are there, what tactics you need to have to beat the dealer, and so on. The game is one of the simplest to learn, play, and even win if only you adopt a good European blackjack strategy. This blackjack variant commonly uses six card decks to play. However, some variants of the game use 2-8 card decks.

Playing European blackjack online allows you to experience all exemplary features that come with the online casino. To play, start by choosing the blackjack variant you are comfortable playing as well as a table with betting limits that fit your budget. The next thing is to select your chips and place your bet by clicking on the chip according to the choice of your European blackjack odds. Once you’ve placed your bet, take a deep breath, relax, and just wait for your score. However, if you want to play without wagering any real money, you can always play European blackjack for fun at trial or demo tables.

If your European blackjack score comes out as blackjack and the dealer lacks one, you win and get your payout immediately. But if the dealer gets a blackjack, you lose the game and your bet is lost. If neither you nor the dealer wins, you will have to choose an option that will increase your chances of winning. You can decide to “hit” to receive another card or “split,” where you split your hand in case of two cards with the same value. This allows you to place an extra bet for the other hand that you’ve just created. The third option is “double,” where you double your initial bet and get another card; however, your turn ends soon after. Lastly, if the dealer’s upcard is an ace, you choose “insurance” which allows you to place a little wager equivalent to half your initial wager.

  • Select your European blackjack variant and place your bet on a selected chip.
  • Sit back, relax and wait for your score.
  • You win if you get a blackjack and the dealer doesn’t.
  • If you both lose, you either “hit,” “split,” “double,” or choose “insurance,”.

European Blackjack Rules

Every casino has its unique rules in terms of whose role it is to regulate the game and maintain decency when playing. Rules that apply to European blackjack casinos are not so much different from those used at standard blackjack tables—the differences are very few. These rules have much to do with the outcome of the game rather than the game itself. Once all players have placed their suitable European blackjack bets all that is left is to sit and wait for the outcome. Here’s where the rules start. You win if you get a blackjack and the dealer doesn’t, and you lose if the dealer gets the blackjack. You aren’t allowed to split card decks with values 4,5 or 10. Players can only split an Ace on the condition that you only get one extra card on each Ace, but they can double the bet after a split. The dealer will always draw on 16 and stand on 17. At any point on this hand, players can choose to take an “insurance” if they wish to. And lastly, when playing European blackjack online, players aren’t allowed to surrender which is a common option in other variants.

European Blackjack Strategies

European blackjack is a game of skill and that’s good news because with the right strategy you can actually beat the house. If you are the kind of player who just wings it and waits to see the outcome, your chances of winning in this game are very minimal. In this European blackjack tutorial, you get to learn the basic strategies and how you can use them in your favour. The strategies are basically about the option you are willing to take depending on the hand you are dealt with. Always split Aces; if they are not split, one is given the value of 11 and another the value of 1 which makes a total value of 12. Thus, you will need 9 to get a blackjack (21).

Always split cards with values of 8 to increase your chances of a competitive hand. Never split cards with values often, as this will dismantle a very promising hand. Also, avoid splitting fours and fives because they will only take you farther away from the blackjack. How you split your cards (2s, 3s, 7s, 9s, and 6s) depends on the dealer’s up card. When playing European blackjack, ensure you avoid making the insurance wager regardless of how much you wagered on your hand. This is because an insurance bet gives the dealer a ten-value down card giving him the blackjack.

  • Always split Aces and cards with values of eight.
  • Never split cards with values of ten, five, and four.
  • Split your cards (2s, 3s, 7s,9s, 6s) depending on the dealer’s up card.

Different Types of European Blackjack

Now that you know almost everything about European blackjack, it is time to get familiar with the different variants of the game. There are several of them but we will focus on the four most popular. The first one is Multi-Hand Blackjack which allows you to play up to five hands at ago instead of one hand at a time. Perfect Pairs allows you to place a side bet or bets that you will have either a perfect pair, a coloured pair, or a mixed pair on your initial hand. The third type is the HiLo’13 European blackjack that lets players place a side bet or bets that either have a low value, a value equal to 13, or a value higher than 13 on your first hand. Lastly, we have Redeal Blackjack casino, where you can ask the dealer’s first card, your last card, or ask for a redeal but at a price.

Tips and Tricks for European Blackjack Beginners:

European blackjack requires new players to have a few tricks or tips if they are to hack it in any way. Here are some tips to help you get started and increase your chances of winning. First, start by learning the best strategy such as those we’ve highlighted above. Ensure you play with fewer decks—it is better than playing with more decks. Avoid taking insurance at all costs as this will only increase the dealer’s chances of winning as it reduces yours. Never go all-in; instead, leave yourself with enough money to double or split your hand if necessary.

Glossary Of Terms in the Game

  • Blackjack: Besides being the game’s name, it also refers to a perfect hand that makes a 21.
  • Bust: It means that you’ve lost your bankroll and you’ve run out of money.
  • House Edge: This is when the house or casino has an expected advantage over a particular game.
  • Hit: To hit is to signal the dealer to give you an extra card.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I win big playing European Blackjack?

Yes! You can win big playing European blackjack. It is possible to get wins of up to €100,000. If you learn to play this game at a professional level, you have to master strategies that will increase your chances of winning. Depending on how much you bet with and your betting strategy you can actually cash out big!

How do I increase my chances of winning?

Playing European blackjack is not complex; in fact, you spend most of your gaming time observing because there is less to play. You can increase your chances of winning by mastering the game’s strategies, tips and tactics. If you pick any of the strategies we have mentioned and use them appropriately, you will surely increase your odds.

Can I play European Blackjack and win real money?

Yes! So long as you are playing with real money, your winnings will be in the form of real money too. If you play a European Blackjack game in one of the top casinos with bonuses, you might bet with bonus cash and win real money. Don’t forget to always play European Blackjack for fun and don’t go over your budget.

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