Blackjack Players

Blackjack players combine strategic-thinking with thrill-seeking, to make a unique breed of casino player. The blackjack rules are simple, but knowing how to really play takes skill and patience. Similarly to poker fans, blackjack players are willing to wait longer, and spend more time on landing a win.

Blackjack players and slot players differ in this respect. If you prefer slots, you’re likely in it for the fast pace and quick thrills. The players and the blackjack rules can slow down the game dramatically, so it’s not suited to everybody. That said, it has remained one of the most popular games in the entire casino for decades.

The double-or-nothing odds are what makes blackjack particularly appealing to players. You will either double your stake, or lose it, there’s no real in-between, and it makes it so exciting. The only exception being a push, where your stake is refunded if you tie with the dealer. The specific blackjack rules, such as when the dealer sticks and the exact payout odds, will vary by casino.

Big blackjack winners are brave, because to win big, you have to bet big. That’s what makes the game so popular with high-rollers who have a big enough bank to play for longer periods.

This casino classic is more accessible than ever now that you can play online blackjack, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Online casinos have made the game even more popular than it was before, allowing lower stakes to appeal to more players helping them become blackjack winners.

blackjack players

Famous Blackjack Players

Blackjack is a game that combines strategy, skill, and of course, lady luck. Despite chance playing a huge part, it’s well-known that there are good and bad ways to play Blackjack.

As with any game or sport, some people are better than others, and Blackjack is no exception. Professional gamblers have made a real name for themselves thanks to their successful record in blackjack. There are many full-time blackjack players that have managed to make a career of the game, winning huge amounts of money. Pretty cool right?

We’re going to take a look at some of these people below. We’ve listed the best-known Blackjack players, and assessed and how they got their stellar reputations. Making it to the top of the casino ladder is no easy job, but these guys have done it by winning the blackjack jackpot. Keep reading to find out more.

Blackjack Players – Don Schlesinger

Don Schlesinger is arguably one of the most famous blackjack players in the world. Born in New York in 1946, his name is engraved in the blackjack Hall of Fame after a career spanning over 40 years.

Don has had such a successful track record in Blackjack that he’s gone on to publish books and lecture in all things card games and mathematics. His book ‘Blackjack Attack: Play the Pros’ Way’ promises to teach his skills to its readers, and it’s been an absolute hit with fans.

Like many famous blackjack players, Don Schlesinger begin his career in investment banking. An eye for numbers and attention to detail are key skills required in Blackjack, and all of these players have that in common.

Blackjack Players – Lawrence Revere

The late Lawrence Revere was born in Iowa in 1915, and passed away in 1977. He left behind a legacy as one of the best blackjack players of all time. After a successful career in Blackjack, the mathematician went on to publish books about playing blackjack for business instead of pleasure. Lawrence is often regarded as one of the first pioneers of this lifestyle.

After graduating with a degree in Mathematics from the University of Nebraska, Lawrence first played blackjack as a hobby, until he realised he could make serious money. What is so unique about Lawrence Revere is that he worked on both sides of the casino.

He was known as a master of disguise, often operating under a number of different aliases and managing to go undetected for many years. He used his Blackjack skills to teach card-counters, and then went on to educate casinos in what to look for.

This is why Lawrence Revere is considered quite the controversial figure in the blackjack world, as he advised both the player and the casino. Many card-counters continue to use his strategies today, despite many new and more modern techniques being available. This is a clear indicator of his level of knowledge.

Blackjack Players – Russ Hamilton

Russ Hamilton is one of the most successful blackjack players of all time, having won a colossal amount of prize money in tournaments. He’s probably best known for his career in Poker, but did diversify into Blackjack later in his career.

Russ is a world champion, having won the 1994 World Series of Poker and many other game tournaments. He didn’t just take part in tournaments, he even created his own. Elimination Blackjack was developed by Russ Hamilton, and went on to be used for the televised Ultimate Blackjack Tour.

His winnings of over $1.5 million in his career prove that playing professional blackjack can be serious business. As with many other players, he also went on to advise casinos on card-counting and fraud.

Blackjack Players – Don Johnson

Most people will recognise Don Johnson’s name. He’s the guy that took Atlantic City for over $15 million within a 6 month period back in 2011. He is one of the very few blackjack winners that claims to have done it without counting cards. Here are some of his biggest career highlights:

  • He won $6 million at the Tropicana during a 12-hour marathon. He actually managed to win $800,000 on one hand, by splitting a pair of 8s.
  • He won $5 million at the Borgata after negotiating a chance to the house rules. Including a dealer sticking on a soft 17.
  • He won $4 million at Ceasars using the same amended rules, including negotiating a 20% cash rebate on losses over $500,000.
  • He was banned entirely from playing by Ceasaras, whereas the other two just restricted his play and forced him to play by standard rules.
  • He won $15 million in total, and now teaches others how to win at Blackjack using a mathematical advantage, with no card counting.

As you can see, that’s a pretty impressive CV. These famous wins and lucky streaks are what have given the Oregon-born gambler his reputation in the casino world. After diversifying from casinos and blackjack, he has gone on to open his own business. This new venture uses computer-assisted wagering programs within horse racing markets.