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This about us is to let you know more about our website. We are a recently launched site with information on everything to do with play online Blackjack. On reading this about us you will see that our emphasis is not just on the rules of this particular game, but we also delve deeper into the tactical side, where we take a look at some strategies. This is particularly useful when you are playing for real money. It is a faster way for beginners to quickly transition into professionals who can play competitively and, hopefully, enjoy some wins.

It is actually an easier way to learn how to turn odds into your favor, especially when the game is very competitive. Blackjack employs a few strategies, similar to other card games, and these insights can be employed on other table games to up your winning chances. In fact, what you need to know about us is that we can soon have you playing and having fun. Nonetheless, whether you are in it to make money or simply to have fun, these tips will take you a long way.

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Rules of Online Blackjack

The internet is awash with numerous articles and tutorials, all of which promise to help you score some big wins. However, one thing about us is that we take you through the rules before encouraging you to play Blackjack online for real money. At this point, it is better for you to play the free trial versions as you try to build on your strategies.

As you discover our website content and find out more about us and our experiences playing Blackjack – yes we are all experienced players and some of us are professionals. That can be seen from our step by step guidelines, which are well detailed and clear. Furthermore, like this about us, they are more straightforward than most, which makes them easier to understand and to remember a great bulk of the blackjack rules while playing.

Discover Blackjack Strategies

As you can see on this about us we love Blackjack and want to introduce more players to excitement it generates. An intriguing part of Blackjack is the various card combos that can either make you some money as a winner or cause you to lose. Nobody wants to lose their money under any circumstance and our section on Blackjack strategies is one way to avoid this.

We invite you to study the Blackjack rules and some of the examples we have highlighted. This will give you an idea of what you are up against in a real game, based on the various possibilities of every hand.

The dealer, or the casino, always has an upper hand in the game with a house edge. So, we explain when you know a win is possible based on the dealer’s cards as well as your own.

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We Want You To Win

To win a Blackjack game, you need to land a total value of 21 points. You are dealt two cards, and so is the dealer. One card is placed face up and it is then up to you to compare this card to the dealer’s and determine whether you are more likely to win or lose. One thing about us is that we encourage players to be more strategic in such instances.

If you have a lower hand than the dealer, then it is logical to say that you stand a greater chance of losing. At this point, you should fold and lose half your stake, rather than go ahead with the game and lose everything. Attaining a Blackjack, also known as the perfect 21 score, is achievable. But it is not easy, which is why you need to use a strategy while watching the dealer’s cards. We highlight some of the common mistakes that Blackjack players make in a game and how to avoid them.

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About Us - The Best Actions In Betting In Blackjack

A beginner's mistakes can affect even the most seasoned players which is why we do not leave minor details out when reviewing the game rules. By doing this, we encourage players to polish up on their small mistakes even more. A common error in Blackjack, for instance, is when players are tempted to hit when they should stand. We clearly emphasise each scenario to better understand the best course of action and wagering for a player.

All About Us, You & Online Gaming

Aside from highlighting how to play online Blackjack, we review other games while also focusing on the entire iGaming industry in general. We explore other popular games and include their rules and strategies in a bid to help players online. We hope our About Us page offers you some insight into the exactly what is available and how to get the most from your gaming experience.