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Blackjack is a table game that has existed for decades and combines style with a myriad of strategies for a player to conjure wins. Over the years, the game’s difficulty and overall attraction has inspired generations of players, who have taken a crack at the game in a bid to develop winning strategies. We take a look at some of the simpler strategies which players can use to reduce the house edge, while also highlighting the Blackjack rules.

The game has taken on a new dimension in that it is now commonly played online rather than in brick and mortar casinos. When you play this game in a physical casino, you are in the immediate presence of the dealer and players around the table. Usually, there is a gaming atmosphere and you get to hold the cards as compared to when you play online Blackjack. Nonetheless, technology has tried to replicate the first-person narrative and you get to see your cards right in front of your screen as well as a real-life dealer!

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When you play online Blackjack, the same rules apply, and the only difference is that instead of sitting at the table with the dealer, you are behind a computer or mobile phone screen. There are thousands of online casinos, but it is also essential to pick the best Blackjack websites when playing. This is because there are some unscrupulous casinos that can cheat you out of your money, having not complied with gaming regulations.

Licensing is important in online gaming because you might end up entrusting your hard earned money to strangers. Always check that the casino is correctly regulated and audited before you play for real money.

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When You Play Online Blackjack Be Aware Of The House Edge

The first thing you need to understand about Blackjack is that you are, in essence, playing against the casino. The dealer is merely representing the casino and playing its hand, with its initial advantage or rather the house edge, standing at about 5%.

Your goal is to have a solid game plan that minimises this house edge as much as possible. Thereby, you are given a better advantage of winning and cashing in some money every single time you play.

In Blackjack, the value of the cards is tallied and the total is then referred to as the hand value. Your goal is to achieve a higher hand value than the dealer, without going over the total point value of 21.

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Learn and understand The Values

When you play online Blackjack the accepted standard is to use a 52 card deck. Each and every one of these cards has a value assigned to it and your mastery of this is crucial in better understanding the game. You will need to tally accurately to ascertain who has a dominant hand in the game to decide which betting strategy, if any, you want to implement.

For instance, the Ace usually has a face value of 1 or 11 and this depends on which/what is best for the current hand in play. Face cards such as Jack, Queen, and King have a face value of 10. As for the rest of the cards, the number on the card, e.g. 2, 3, or 7, keep their values in the game. So which is the most dominant hand in the game? Well, the most dominant hand in the game takes up the same name as the game – Blackjack 21.

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Play Online Blackjack Finding 21!

For a perfect score or win, every player's goal is to land a Blackjack which is usually a combination of any card worth 10 points i.e. Jack, Queen, or King plus an Ace. Each player at the virtual table is dealt two cards and this also includes the dealer as he/she is playing on behalf of the casino. One card has to be face up while the other card, also known as the hole card, has to be dealt face down.

Play Blackjack & Enjoy The Odds

The best blackjack websites where you can play online Blackjack will pay you at 1:1 on your bet if your total hand value beats the dealer's. However, when you beat the dealer with a Blackjack hand, an Ace plus a 10 point card, you get to win a payout of 3:2. By 1:1 it means if you wager 100 and win, the dealer places 100 next to your stake. At 3:2, the dealer places 150 next to your initial 100 wager.